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Top 10 Moments from Bragg Jam

August 3, 2017



Bragg Jam marked its 14th official year and again mourned the passing of the Bragg brothers, Brax and Tate, who died in a tragic car accident in 1999. The festival celebrates their lives and love of music with a bar crawl that spans almost the entire downtown area of Macon.


This was Mind Altered Media’s second year attending and it was even better than we remembered it being last year! Bragg Jam always pulls in a diverse line-up from around the country and this year was no exception with Hip Hop and Reggae acts like Little Stranger and Morning Fatty to Country and Rock acts including Sundance Head and Roadkill Ghost Choir. I had an incredible time and only wish I could’ve seen more bands perform!


The people of Macon are truly some of the nicest around and serve as a testament to the success of this festival. Start making plans to go next year. I know I am!


*repeat repeat performing at Bragg Jam.


10. Talking to *repeat repeat about podcasting. They are the first band I’ve gotten to interview with their very own podcast. Their passion for it and just life in general really comes through.



9. Getting the Georgia Flood practically to myself at the beautiful mercer Library Ballroom, one of my favorite venues for Bragg Jam.


 The Georgia Flood during our interview at Shadow Sound Studios.


8. The DOGS! The High Divers tour with their dog, Norah, but Stop Light Observations stepped it up by bringing their French Bulldog, Lou Dog, on stage. The pup is named after the famed Dalmatian owned by Bradley Nowell of Sublime. Lou stood on the edge of the stage and lapped up attention from front row audience members like a true rockstar. 


 Lou Dog, founding member of Stop Light Observations.


7. There were so many unexpected and excellent covers over the course of the day. The first of which was the Georgia Flood doing some serious justice to the Alabama Shakes “Hold On”. It was so good, that I mentioned it to Becca Mancari, who is working on a project, Bermuda Triangle, with Brittany Howard of the Alabama Shakes.


6. The camaraderie between the bands. Luke from Stop Light Observations related his band’s van trouble, but then remembering that the High Divers had just been in a severe accident while on tour in their van he expressed concern over his fellow South Carolinians.


5. Recording interviews from the weekend at Shadow Sound Studios. Normally, it is hit or miss when recording interviews at a festival. Unfortunately, all the interviews I did at AthFest this past June were casualties to background noise. I was so grateful that Shadow Sound let me use their space to conduct some of my interviews.


4. Stop Light Observations played tribute to Macon by creating a stellar mash-up of their song “Aquarius Apocalyptic” and Ray Charles’s “Georgia on my Mind”. Lead singer, Will Blackburn, can really sing. 


3. Eating two days in a row at H & H Soul Food Restaurant in Macon where the Allman Brothers Band used to hang out when they were in town. Best hangover breakfast in all of the USA! Be sure to try their breakfast biscuit sandwiches or the Poutine with a fried egg. Make sure to add a trip to the Big House to your itinerary as well. The former residence of the Allman Brothers has been turned into a stellar museum full of band memorabilia.

 Delicious breakfast biscuit from H & H.


2. Stop Light Observations brought Little Stranger up on stage to help them with another stellar cover of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me”. I wasn’t able to catch Little Stranger’s set because of interviews and so it was really great to get to see them perform at least one song.


 Stop Light Observations latest album, featuring Lou Dog. 


1. *repeat repeat covered Rage Against The Machine’s “Sleep Now in the Fire”. Seeing RATM live has been on my bucket list for a long time. I did manage to catch Prophets of Rage (which is the band minus Zach de la Rocha with Chuck D and B Real as the frontman) when their tour hit Florida last year. Not many bands cover RATM, so seeing *repeat repeat do it, was a close second. They brought so much energy to their set. Definitely want to catch them when they come to town.


Stay tuned for the release of the interviews with *repeat repeat, The Georgia Flood, Becca Mancari, The High Divers, and Stop Light Observations. Be sure to follow Mind Altered Podcast on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to and be the first to know when the episodes come out! 


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