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#052 Rock n Roll Powerhouse: Sophie Sputnik

February 23, 2017


MAP's first phone interview with singer and drummer Sophie Sputnik of Florida's own Killmama and Que Lastima. Listen up as we talk about music and why you should learn Spanish as a second language. I got to see them at Will’s Pub opening for the Coathangers a couple of weeks ago in Orlando.


Sophie was kind enough to join me via telephone. This is the gushiest episode of Mind Altered Podcast to date. Seeing Killmama live blew my mind. I’m their biggest fan now. I’ve not stopped listening to their EP on iTunes since I saw them. This is a band to watch out for. I’m hoping to see them again soon since they are based in Florida. Listen in as Sophie tells us that music is the only thing for her, which is lucky because she makes incredible music.


Listen below on the SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes


This will be, I’m sorry to say, the 3rd to last episode for a while. I have taken a position working on a big ass boat. Which sounds kind of random, but I’ve actually worked on boats here and there since forever and we’ll be heading to the Bahamas for a few months. Rough life, right? Basically, my life will be the boat until we get back to Florida in the summer and I don’t know what my schedule will be like and if I’ll be able to put out episodes or not. So, rather than promise something I may or may not be able to deliver, I’m just going to hit the pause button. I will still be collecting interviews when I can and I will still be posting about music and events in the Central Florida region as well as Festivals all over the country, so don’t be sad. Go out and party on my behalf! Follow Mind Altered Podcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be the first to know when the next few episodes come out and to stay up on all those events, comedy, music and otherwise, that will be posted up.


Next week I’ll have comedian Blair Baker on and then the band Brothers Within will be the last episode for a bit, but not forever. I also have a few more show reviews coming out like RDGLDGRN and the Expendables as I mentioned and also one of my long time favorites G. Love and the Special Sauce who co-headlined with Yonder Mountain String Band. Those will both come out on ShowsIGoTo.com so look out for that. 


Find links to all the music below. Catch ya next time! <3Claire


Killmama - "Bad Rep"



RDGLDGRN - "Runnin' Away"



Que Lastima - "Poison"



G. Love & the Special Sauce - "Cold Beverages"







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