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#047 American Gladiators w/ Zach Bennett

January 10, 2017

...And we’re back! Happy belated New Year to all you beautiful people from me, Claire, your one woman production crew here at Mind Altered Podcast!


I know you’ve just been dying of curiosity since the last episode as to what my new year’s resolution could be. This year for the first time ever I actually made one and it’s to start doing stand-up comedy. All of my comic friends, including today’s interviewee Zach Bennett, have assured me that I am going to be terrible at it. Thanks guys. So sweet. I start this week at the Bellair Lanes Comedy Show in Daytona Beach hosted by Sean Beagan and Patrick Luby, we’ll see what happens next week. If I never mention it again, don’t bring it up okay?


Speaking of Sean and Patrick they pop-up in this episode along with Sean Robbins, Billy Meyers the 3rd, Nate Robinson, and Richard Dickerson to continually hump and interrupt Zach Bennett as he tells us how to pick out the perfect wallet, talks about breaking bones, and the effect the show American Gladiators had on only children.


Listen on the SoundCloud player or subscribe on iTunes.



Thanks so much to Zach Bennett and all the delinquents who popped in for this episode. You can find Zach at Tir Na Nog in Daytona every Wednesday where he hosts the comedy show and most Mondays at Bellair Lanes. He’s a very funny dude. This past Monday at Bellair Lanes was also Richard Dickerson's last night doing stand-up in Daytona. He is moving to New York City! We wish him the best. 


Next week we’ll have an interview another Daytona Beach Comic and crushed velvet connoisseur, Rica Marie. Also, look out for the Indie Comedy Festival coming to Orlando January 19-22 and I will be going to Keys 'n Krates on Jan 12. Look out for my review which will go up on ShowsIGoTo.com shortly there after.



Pimps of Joytime - “The Jump”


Tall Black Guy - “Peace & Love”


GTA ft. Vince Staples - “Little Bit of This”



Django Django -“Waveforms”




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