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#044 Recovering Catholics w/ Patrick Luby

November 9, 2016


Been going heavy on the reggae lately. It’s been helping me through the election season, which thankfully is over as of recording this. Given the results it looks like I am going to need a whole lot more reggae in my life, so if you make music or just like someone a whole heck of a lot, send it my way! 


Today I have an interview for you with Patrick Luby, Daytona Beach comedian, fellow only child, and recovering Catholic. You can catch Patrick’s stand up most Monday nights at the Bellair Lanes in Daytona Beach and often times Wednesdays at my favorite dive bar Tir na nOg.


Listen on SoundCloud below or subscribe on iTunes




Before we get to the interview with Patrick though, I did get to see Puscifer, one of Maynard Keenan of Tool’s other bands, with Sareth Ney the other night. They had this Mexican Wrestling act, Luchafer, open up for them. It was super cheesy. I had trouble getting into it, but that’s probably because I’m not typically into wrestling in the first place and I was starving. I had two bud lights for dinner that night. It was great seeing Maynard again though. I got to see him with A Perfect Circle a few years back, but sadly missed Tool when they were here a few months ago. Anyway, shout out to Logan, who I met at the show and totally went to the wrong IHOP after ward.


This is most I’ve interrupted anyone during an interview. I’m so sorry Patrick! Another super villain aspect of my personality, apparently. Thanks so much to Patrick for the camaraderie. There’s really a special bond between fellow only children. It’s weird. You probably wouldn’t understand ‘cause you have siblings and shit.


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John Brown's Body - "Who Paid Them Off?"



Puscifer - "The Arsonist"


SwampMeat - "Sister Mary"


Rage Against the Machine - "Bullet in the Head"



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