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#043 Part One Tribe @ Rootfire

November 3, 2016

This week's episode features all three current members of Part One Tribe, a reggae band out of Melbourne, FL. I caught up with them after their performance at Rootfire at the Park in Cocoa Beach. Listen below on the SoundCloud player or subscribe on iTunes



Before the interview though, I talk about my new favorite festival, Suwannee Hulaween! I know, I know I say that after every single festival, but this time I mean it. Bonnaroo don’t worry, you’re a close second. Austin City Limits, sorry honey, but you can suck it. The Spirit of Suwannee Music Park provided a gorgeous setting for Hulaween. It’s a magical place. When I arrived on Friday night, I was not really feeling it but after a dunk in the Suwannee River Saturday morning, I was all in! Everything was lit up beautifully at night from the old growth live oak trees to Spirit Lake and even the festival goers. With 5 stages, there was no end of bands to watch and the party went til 5 am on Friday and Saturday night. The crowd was by far the friendliest and most generous of any show I’ve ever been to. While I got lost quite a bit and couldn’t find anyone I knew, I found new friends everywhere, like the hippie kids who smoked me out and artist Dan Linehan, who invited me into his camp and showed me his artwork. I hope to get an interview with him soon. Shout out to the people who leave their hammocks up for anyone to use. Y’all are all MVPs. I went to this one hammock by the amphitheatre a few times, mostly because I kept leaving stuff in it. First, I lost my Bonnaroo bandanna, which I was really bummed about, and when I went back it was tucked into the little side pocket, which was not where I had left it. The next time I forgot my phone. It must’ve slipped out of my bag. When I went back, it too, was neatly tucked into the side pocket. I am convinced that hammock is magic and nobody can tell me any different. I really had no agenda at Hulaween other than seeing my latest love Anderson .Paak again (he was amazing again), reggae outfit Rebelution, and the Motet. I just sort of wandered around the rest of the time and let the music grab me. The Motet is a mostly instrumental funk band out of Richmond, VA and I got to see them in DC a few years back with my good buddy Dave Moser. Dave passed away from cancer last year. So, seeing the Motet again was like a little tribute to him. Dave, wherever you are, I love you man. Anyway, they dragged me out of that magical hammock and made me dance it up just like Dave would’ve wanted.


Thanks so much to Rob, Moe, and Colby! It was great hanging out with them. I love meeting super talented people who are also down to earth and can kick it. I missed seeing Moe and Colby at Suwannee. I kept thinking I would run into people there, but mostly, I just got lost. I seriously got lost a lot. The fact that the festival is literally in the middle of the woods did not help, but the star gazing was great and so was the spooky atmosphere for a Halloween themed festival. I love Halloween. So, I’m sorry Moe and Colby! Maybe next time I’ll be more organized, but I doubt it.


Part One Tribe will be putting on their 20th Anniversary show Saturday, November 19th at the Iron Oak Post in Melbourne, FL. Be sure to check it out. As always, links to all the music in this episode can also be found at Mind Altered Media.com. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the know of all the events across central Florida and all the other random ass places I go from time to time.



Part One Tribe - "Trendy"



The Motet - "Rynodub"



OTG - "The Rolling Stoner"



Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squab - "Live and Travel"




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