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#042 Fest Talk w/ Sareth Ney

October 25, 2016

I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I burnt myself out and then holed up at home planning and strategizing. You were on my mind the whole time! I promise! I’ve done a bunch of interviews in the past week and filled up the reserves again. So much to catch up on! So this episode is going to be split into two parts. First I’m going to talk at cha about Austin City Limits, Rootfire at the Park, The Weeks at Backbooth in Orlando and a little bit about Suwannee Hulaween coming up this weekend and then we have an interview with Sareth Ney of a Quarter and a Dream Pictures. Sareth is a comedian, festival organizer, podcaster and all around cool dude.


Let’s get to it! Listen on the SoundCloud player below or subscribe on iTunes. For links to the songs used in this episode look below.




Thanks so much to Sareth! Who is a member of my podcast tribe for sure! Look out for his stuff on aqdpi.com. He’s even more relentless than me. I seriously don’t believe he sleeps. Be sure to catch the next episode of Mind Altered Podcast by following Mind Altered Media on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For links to all the music and events mentioned in this week’s episode head over to MindAlteredMedia.com. (Ok, I lied. You caught me. Not every single artist I mentioned is linked here. Apologies.)  Oh, and if you’re at Hulaween this weekend and see a lit up Leeloo Dallas from 5th Element or a Purple Quorra from Tron Legacy, it’s me! Come say hey and I’ll give a Mind Altered Media sticker!


I’m leaving you this week with Part One Tribe’s song “Perpetrator”. They will be on next week’s episode. Much love! Until next time, y’all! See ya!


St. Paul & the Broken Bones - "Don't Mean a Thing"


Wild Belle - "Throw Down Your Guns"



Banks & Steelz - "Giant"


Part One Tribe - "Perpetrator"
























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