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#040 Riding with The O

September 27, 2016


This week I am joined by Rico Sisinni of local reggae band The O from here in Orlando. You may remember their song “Stereo” from last week’s episode. They will be performing at the FloGrown Festival this Saturday in Orlando. Listen in as Rico and I talk about Orlando, music, and of course the FloGrown Festival. The O actually won a battle of the bands contest to get in, it’s good stuff y’all. All the music on this episode is from bands that will be performing at the festival. Speaking of Orlando, I have been trying to spend more time there and I got to see Wheeler Walker Jr. along with his opener BirdCloud at the Social last week. Now, as you may know, I’m not the biggest country music fan, but both of them are so bawdy and over the top ridiculous with their lyrics and antics that it made for an amusing show. So glad I got to see Wheeler Walker Jr in all his glory. I tried to snag an interview with him but no dice.


This Friday I will be heading up to St. Augustine for something I never thought I would get to do in this lifetime: see Rage Against the Machine! Well, sort of. It’s the Prophets of Rage tour with the members of Rage minus Zach de la Rocha, plus Public Enemy and Cypress Hill. Seriously cannot wait for this show. I will be sure to report back to you. Fall is off to a crazy start and here to kick it off is Rico Sisinni!



Next week I will have Liz Dannemiller from the Green Flamingo Farming Co-op on the show and we’ll be talking about growing organic food and why eating local just tastes better. Be sure to follow Mind Altered Media every where social media can be found, except SnapChat - still haven’t made it over there yet. I’m working on it, okay?? Stay up with me on Twitter and Facebook to catch the next installment of Mind Altered Podcast. Forgot to mention that Brandon James closed out the episode this week with "B.Y.O. Beach". 


Listen  to this episode on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes. For links to all the music look below. 




The O - "Dream Catcher"

Stick Figure - "Smokin' Love" featuring Collie Buddz



New Kingston - "Protect Me"



Brandon James - "B.Y.O. Beach"


Bonus Video - That Budos Band song "Up From the South, East Bound" I couldn't remember. 

































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