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#038 Crude Bitters

September 13, 2016


We’re going to be talking about drinkin’ today with Craig Rudewicz of Crude Bitters. I’ll let Craig explain what cocktail bitters are, since he is the authority after all but suffice it to say they go with liquor. Craig has been taking over Raleigh, NC by storm with his bitters and has won several awards around the country with them. All the music this week comes from my “Float on a River of Booze” playlist on Spotify. I actually made that playlist awhile back, and it seemed fitting for this episode. Don’t judge me.


Listen to the episode on the SoundCloud player below or subscribe on iTunes.



There are plenty of reasons to check out his space in Raleigh. He offers cocktail classes and even has a store there, but this year he will also be hosting the 3rd annual Swear Spark competition. It’s a head to head competition of all your favorite four letter words. This is the brainchild of my cousin Craig. Can you tell we’re related? The Swear Spark competition is September 17th. If you’re in the area check it out!


For more great drinking songs to pair with your Crude Bitters cocktail, check out my playlist on Spotify called “Float on A river of booze” and make sure to follow Mind Altered on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud to stay up on all the latest episodes. Next week I’ll tackle SnapChat, maybe. All this social media stuff is exhausting, you guys. Until next time! See ya!


"Float on A River of Booze" Playlist


























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