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Watch: Kiran Ghandhi

October 16, 2015

I. LOVE. THIS. WOMAN. I had the pleasure of meeting Madame Kiran Gandhi, at theEighteenth Street Lounge in Washington, DC back in 2009 or 2010 (Something like that..those days are a little blurry). Her drumming usually accompanied DJ Tom Blondet (one of the great lounge DJs). I started off awestruck with her percussive skills and have remained so through her various adventures (touring with MIA) and accomplishments (getting her MBA from Harvard and running the London marathon). She is balls to the wall amazing and the way Kiran talks about being in the zone made me think about what that means to me. Not only is she a creative force, but she is the kind of creative force that pulls you into being creative as well. It seems like Kiran has been everywhere lately, so here is a of sample from the She Does Podcast just to get y’all introduced.





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